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FVW Salzburgring 9/08/03

7th/8th round Formula Volkswagen supported by ZF Sachs: Salzburgring/A, August 9/10, 2003. Wins for Kolmsee and van Lagen in Salzburg

Bastian Kolmsee and Jaap van Lagen have won season rounds seven and eight of the Formula Volkswagen supported by ZF Sachs at the Salzburgring. On Saturday, Jochen Nerpel came second from van Lagen, on Sunday, the two team-mates Kolmsee and Marcus Steinel occupied second and third place. Qualifying race 1: In qualifying for the race on Saturday, Jochen Nerpel claimed his first pole-position of the season. With his fastest lap time of 1.23.037 minutes, the driver of the Motorsport Akademie Nürburgring was almost eight hundredths of a second faster than Dutchman Jaap van Lagen. The latter’s team-mate Stefan Tiesmeyer qualified third. Qualifying race 2: In qualifying for the race on Sunday, the same drivers like in the session for Saturday occupied the first two places on the grid, however this time round in reversed order: van Lagen was fastest from Nerpel. Bastian Kolmsee claimed third place.

Race 1: At the start of the race, Jochen Nerpel took the lead from van Lagen and Lachinger. As usual at the ultra-fast Salzburgring with its long straights, there were plenty of slipstream fights that led to numerous position changes in the 19 cars strong field. On lap three, van Lagen took the lead and retained it for four laps, but Bastian Kolmsee was on his way up: having started fifth, he was already second after four laps and then also found a way past van Lagen halfway through the race.

Soon after that, van Lagen lost another position to Jochen Nerpel. During the race, a few drivers spun off the track. They all escaped unscathed, but as some of the cars were stuck on the track in dangerous places, the clerk of the course decided to stop the race after 14 laps. The order after 13 laps was counted as the official classification of the race, like regulations in such a case require. Thus, Bastian Kolmsee won from Jochen Nerpel and Jaap van Lagen. Gina-Maria Adenauer was best-placed lady in ninth place from Stephanie Halm.

Race 2: The second race ended with a clear lights-to-flag victory by Dutch driver Jaap van Lagen, who celebrated his sixth victory of the season. He came home ahead of the winner from the day before, Bastian Kolmsee, and the latter’s teammate Marcus Steinel. While van Lagen led throughout the race in a dominant way, the two drivers of the Penker-team had an exciting fight. Eventually, Hannes Lachinger had the upper hand and came home fourth like on the day before. Jochen Nerpel, however, couldn’t repeat his success from Saturday: he retired after spinning off the track. Best-placed lady in the field was Stephanie Halm: the driver from Ammerbuch came home eighth, one place ahead of Gina-Maria Adenauer. Kenneth Chen, one of two Chinese drivers in the Formula Volkswagen supported by ZF Sachs, remained without a reward in spite of an excellent performance. At some stage, he was even seventh, but he dropped back after a puncture and came home 14th.

Result 7th round, Salzburgring/A, August 9, 2003 (13 laps)
1. Bastian Kolmsee (Wiehl/D) in 18:21.701 min.
2. Jochen Nerpel (Waibstadt/D) 0.675 down
3. Jaap van Lagen (Netherlands) 3.560
4. Hannes Lachinger (Austria) 3.808
5. Jan Seyffarth (Leimbach/D) 4.059
6. Marcus Steinel (Ammerbuch/D) 4.398
7. Marvin Bylitza (Marl/D) 5.609
8. Fredy Barth (Switzerland) 8.449
9. Gina-Maria Adenauer (Hamm/D) 11.208
10. Stephanie Halm (Ammerbuch/D) 21.681
Fastest lap: Marcus Steinel in 1:23.854 min = 181.816 km/h

Result 8th round, Salzburgring/A, August 10, 2003
1. Jaap van Lagen (Netherlands) in 18.18.547 min.
2. Bastian Kolmsee (Wiehl/D) 5.256 down
3. Marcus Steinel (Ammerbuch/D) 7.647
4. Hannes Lachinger (Austria) 9.841
5. Florian Stoll (Rickenbach/D) 10.654
6. Marvin Bylitza (Marl/D) 10.762
7. Fredy Barth (Switzerland) 10.985
8. Stephanie Halm (Ammerbuch/D) 13.912
9. Gina-Maria Adenauer (Hamm/D) 18.051
10. Jan Seyffarth (Leimbach/D) 20.741
Fastest lap: Jaap van Lagen in 1.23.486 = 182,617 km/h

Points’ standings:
1. Jaap van Lagen 224
2. Bastian Kolmsee 147
3. Hannes Lachinger 135
4. Marcus Steinel 114
5. Fredy Barth 111


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