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FVW 5/6th Round July 12/13th

Van Lagen extends championship lead With two victories from season rounds five and six of the Formula Volkswagen supported by ZF Sachs at the Nürburgring, Dutch driver Jaap van Lagen extended his championship lead. On Saturday, Jochen Nerpel came second from Florian Stoll. On Sunday, the remaining podium places were occupied by Fredy Barth and Hannes Lachinger.

Two guest drivers enriched the Formula Volkswagen races this week-end: Giorgio Sanna, Lamborghini test driver, and Tschops Sipuka from South Africa who is the first black South African Champion. Both guest drivers had taken this event as a learning experience and came in on 13th and 17th place. Qualifying race 1: With his lap time of 1.29.110 minutes, Hannes Lachinger topped the time sheets. His margin over second fastest Jaap van Lagen was quite clear: 0.336 seconds separated the Austrian from the Dutchman. Ronny Wechselberger occupied third place. From fastest qualifier Lachinger down to Jan Seyffarth in 13th place, the lap times were all within one second. Qualifying race 2: Points leader Jaap van Lagen was fastest with his lap time of 1.29.554 minutes. Marvin Bylitza was second, 0.024 seconds down, while Hannes Lachinger occupied third place.

Race 1: Lachinger initially took the lead, but on the first corner, van Lagen attacked successfully. A big moment for Fredy Barth: on the first corner, he collided with Lachinger and his car got airborne. After the accident, Lachinger missed his rear wing, while Barth had to drive without his front wing. Following the chaos on the first lap, Ronny Wechselberger dropped back to tenth, but later made up a few places.

Behind race leader van Lagen, Jochen Nerpel and Florian Stoll were second and third. At half-time, Nerpel shone with some very fast laps, but van Lagen retained his leading position. There was an exciting fight between Marvin Bylitza and Stefan Tiesmeyer for fifth place. Ronny Wechselberger and Stephanie Halm were also involved in the action. Marcel Leipert could benefit from this situation, establishing a slight advantage in fourth place. Jaap van Lagen finally drove victory home, Jochen Nerpel and Florian Stoll came second and third. This time, Stephanie Halm was best-placed lady, she occupied eighth place. Kenneth Chen from Volkswagen China could reach for first time the Top10.

Race 2: Bylitza had a problem at the start and dropped back, as van Lagen took thelead. Julia Kuhn’s car barrel-rolled on the first corner, the race was stopped immediately. Kuhn was taken to the medical centre, where she was found to have no injuries. Another proof of the efficiency of the safety measures in Formula Volkswagen. The race distance was shortened to 19.30 minutes. Marvin Bylitza parked his car in the pit lane after the green flag lap already. At the start, van Lagen took the lead from Fredy Barth and Hannes Lachinger. Behind them Marcus Steinel;Stefan Tiesmeyer and Bastian Kolmsee were fighting for fifth place over several laps. On lap nine, Kolmsee had the upper hand and a little bit later, Tiesmeyer lost another place to Stoll. Van Lagen won from Barth, Lachinger and Steinel.

Result 5th round, Nürburgring, July 12, 2003 (17 laps)
1. Jaap van Lagen (Netherlands) in 25.28.870 min.
2. Jochen Nerpel (Waibstadt/D) + 2.580 down
3. Florian Stoll (Rickenbach/D) 4.969
4. Marcel Leipert (Wegberg/D) 15.351
5. Marvin Bylitza (Marl/D) 16.959
6. Ronny Wechselberger (Altlandsberg/D) 17.177
7. Stefan Tiesmeyer (Osnabrück/D) 18.257
8. Stephanie Halm (Ammerbuch/D) 22.318
9. Jan Seyffarth (Leimbach/D) 31.969
10. Kenneth Chen (China) 32.825

Fastest lap: Jochen Nerpel 1.29.021 min = 146.716 km/h

Result 6th round, Nürburgring, July 13, 2003 (13 laps)
1. Jaap van Lagen (Netherlands) in 19.31.848 min.
2. Fredy Barth (Switzerland) + 4.791 down
3. Hannes Lachinger (Austria) 5.295
4. Marcus Steinel (Ammerbuch/D) 11.994
5. Bastian Kolmsee (Wiehl/D) 12.341
6. Florian Stoll (Rickenbach/D) 13.275
7. Stefan Tiesmeyer (Osnabrück/D) 13.849
8. Marcel Leipert (Wegberg/D) 15.561
9. Ronny Wechselberger (Altlandsberg/D) 16.778
10. Jochen Nerpel (Waibstadt/D) 17.631

Fastest lap: Jaap van Lagen 1.29.292 min = 146.271 km/h

Points standings:
1. Jaap van Lagen 174
2. Stefan Tiesmeyer 103
3. Hannes Lachinger 101
4. Bastian Kolmsee 93
5. Marcel Leipert 88
6. Fredy Barth 84

Added by: Date : 20/07/2003 00:00:00