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13/14th Round Formula Volkswagen 12/10/02

Sven Barth won both races during the season final of the Formula Volkswagen supported by ZF Sachs at the Motopark Oschersleben and thus secured the championship title. In both races, guest driver Walter Lechner jr. finished second from Bastian Kolmsee.

In qualifying, Sven Barth claimed pole-position for the fifth time this season. At the 3.667 km long track at the Motopark Oschersleben, the driver of the Austrian Interwetten Racing-team drove a fastest lap time of 1.24.571 minutes. Last year’s champion Walter Lechner jr. qualified second for his guest appearance in the series from Finn Marko Nevalainen and points leader Ronnie Quintarelli.

13th round (Saturday, October 12):
Because he was too late to make it onto the starting grid, Marko Nevalainen had to start the race from the pit lane. Barth had a good start and took the lead from Lechner and Kolmsee, who won two places at the start. Stoll also made up one position, Quintarelli however had a rather poor start and dropped back to fifth. Stoll then lost his position again after an excursion on the second lap. Later on, he also had to let Jeff Raach and Marvin Bylitza past. Out in front, positions seemed to be taken with Barth leading from Lechner. There was a good fight for third with Kolmsee and Quintarelli. In spite of several attempts, the order remained unchanged and thus, Barth won from Lechner, Kolmsee, Quintarelli and Raach. Marko Nevalainen ended his recovery in a remarkable seventh place.

14th round (Sunday, October 13):
Bastian Kolmsee took the lead with an excellent start. Sven Barth was second from Walter Lechner jr. and Ronnie Quintarelli. Kolmsee drove his laps in a dominant way, leading his team-mate Barth, while Quintarelli in fourth place tried everything to find a way past Lechner. On lap six, Barth took the lead from Kolmsee and pulled clear immediately. Behind him, Kolmsee, Lechner and Quintarelli were fighting for second through fourth place. After several attempts, Lechner outbraked Kolmsee and thus took second place. Shortly after that, Quintarelly lost fourth to a charging Marko Nevalainen. With a trouble-free run, Barth drove victory home and thus secured himself the title. Lechner finished second from Kolmsee and Nevalainen.

Result 13th round, Motopark Oschersleben, October 12, 2002 (18 laps)
1. Sven Barth (Gorxheimertal/D, Interwetten Racing) in 25.53.106 minutes
2. Walter Lechner jr. (Austria, W. Lechner Racing S.) 3.179 beh.
3. Bastian Kolmsee (Wiehl/D, Interwetten Racing), 4.376
4. Ronnie Quintarelli (Italy, www.penker-racing.com) 5.923
5. Jeff Raach (Luxemburg, Rhein-Ahr Racing) 18.215
6. Marvin Bylitza (Marl/D, Motorsp. Akademie Nürb.ring) 23.028
7. Marko Nevalainen (Finland, Matson Motorsport) 23.221
8. Florian Stoll (Rickenbach/D, Stoll Motorsport) 26.735
9. Thomas Mühlenz (B. Gladbach/D, Reinert M.sport) 27.417
10. Eric Groes (Belgium, HG Müller Sports) 28.410

Fastest lap: Marko Nevalainen in 1.25.263 min = 154.829 km/h

Result 14th round, Motopark Oschersleben, October 13, 2002 (19 laps)
1. Sven Barth (Gorxheimertal, Interwetten Racing) in 27.19.506 minutes
2. Walter Lechner jr. (Austria, W. Lechner Racing S.) 2.711 beh.
3. Bastian Kolmsee (Wiehl/D, Interwetten Racing) 16.661
4. Marko Nevalainen (Finland, Matson Motorsport) 16.932
5. Jeff Raach (Luxemburg, Rhein-Ahr Racing) 22.402
6. Ronnie Quintarelli (Italy, www.penker-racing.com) 23.172
7. Marvin Bylitza (Marl/D, Motorsp. Akademie Nürb.ring)23.298
8. Elran Nijenhuis (Netherlands, Rhein-Ahr Racing) 26.826
9. Eric Groes (Belgium, HG Müller Sports) 28.682
10. Thomas Mühlenz (B. Gladbach/D, Reinert M.sport) 52.058

Fastest lap: Sven Barth in 1.25.188 = 154.956 km/h
Final points’ standings:
1. Sven Barth 286 points
2. Ronnie Quintarelli 278
3. Florian Stoll 214
4. Bastian Kolmsee 213
5. Marko Nevalainen 205

Added by: Date : 12/10/2002 00:00:00