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1st/2nd Round Formula Volkswagen 15-16/6/02

One victory and one second place each was the result for Sven Barth and Daniel La Rosa at the season opener of the Formula Volkswagen supported by ZF Sachs at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz. Dutch driver Elran Nijenhuis was third on Saturday, Bastian Kolmsee completed the podium on Sunday.

1st round (Saturday June 15)

In the season opener of the Formula Volkswagen supported by ZF Sachs,
Daniel La Rosa celebrated his maiden victory in the category. La Rosa,
still racing in Formula König powered by Volkswagen last year, led from
lights to flag. Just before the race, a rain shower came down in the
Lausitz region, but rain had stopped again at the start. “I opted for
a mixture of dry and wet set-up of the car, and that was probably the
right thing”, La Rosa commented his victory. “Of course, this is the
best possible start of the season for me!”

Second place was taken by Sven Barth, who also drove the fastest race
lap. Barth had been within striking distance of race leader La Rosa
throughout, but he had to leave victory to the Italian-born driver.

Dutchman Elran Nijenhuis had been in third place for the entire race
and saved this position home, although Bastian Kolmsee came closer
and closer towards the end of the race. At flagfall, the two were
separated by a mere four tenths of a second.

2nd round (Sunday June 16):

On Sunday, Sven Barth had the better start and took the lead from
Daniel La Rosa during the sprint towards the first corner. Kolmsee
went past Elran Nijenhuis and thus claimed third position. From fourth
place onwards, there was a lot of excitement with numerous position
fights and ten drivers within one second. Nijenhuis dropped back after
running wide,

Italian Ronnie Quintarelli led the fighting group. Sven
Barth shone with one fast lap time after another and pulled more and
more clear of La Rosa. In the final third of the race, La Rosa, Kolmsee
and Quintarelli were able to match Barth’s pace, but this didn’t result
into any position changes: Barth won from La Rosa, Kolmsee, Quintarelli
and Austrian Christian Gratl.

Result 1st round, EuroSpeedway Lausitz, June 15, 2002 (16 laps)

1. Daniel La Rosa  (Hanau/D)  in 28.19.750 min.
2. Sven Barth  (Gorxheimertal/D)           2.552 behind
3. Elran Nijenhuis  (Netherlands)           14.344
4. Bastian Kolmsee  (Wiehl/D)              14.755
5. Stefan Tiesmeyer (Osnabrück/D)       21.534
6. Florian Stoll  (Rickenbach/D)             27.155
7. Christian Gratl  (Austria)                    28.748
8. Ronnie Quintarelli (Italy)                     33.022
9. Christian Wolff  (Austria)                   33.424
10. Marko Nevalainen (Finland)            35.189

Fastest lap: Sven Barth in 1.44.981 min = 155,480 km/h

Result 2nd round, EuroSpeedway Lausitz, June 16, 2002 (17 Runden)

1. Sven Barth  (Gorxheimertal/D)  in 28.00.523 min.
2. Daniel La Rosa  (Hanau/D)              9.129 behind
3. Bastian Kolmsee  (Wiehl/D)            16.689
4. Ronnie Quintarelli (Italy)                  24.033
5. Christian Gratl  (Austria)                  30.671
6. Florian Stoll  (Rickenbach/D)           32.023
7. Marko Nevalainen (Finland)             32.768
8. Marvin Bylitza  (Marl/D)                   34.406
9. Stefan Tiesmeyer (Osnabrück/D        42.236
10. Michael Stephen  (South Africa)      43.795

Fastest lap: Sven Barth in 1.44.341 = 156,474 km/h

Points’ standings:
1. Sven Barth    54
= Daniel La Rosa   54
3. Bastian Kolmsee   37
4. Ronnie Quintarelli  30
= Christian Gratl   30

Added by: Date : 15/06/2002 00:00:00