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9th Round Formula Volkswagen: Oschersleben 14.10.01

Victory and title for Walter Lechner jr With a victory in the final round at the Motopark Oschersleben, Walter Lechner jr. claimed the first title in the Formula Volkswagen supported by Sachs. Elran Nijenhuis came home in second place from Rob Nguyen. A double success for the Walter Lechner Racing School-Team: next to champion Walter Lechner jr, the team also took runner-up position in the category with Philip Cloostermans. Next to Lechner jr. and Cloostermans, triple race winner Sven Barth also had title hopes before the final round of the season. In qualifying, Walter Lechner jr. claimed pole position with a fastest lap time of 1.24.946 minutes. That made him almost four tenths of a second faster than Italian Marc Caldonazzi. Elran Nijenhuis from The Netherlands was third on the grid from Belgian Philip Cloostermans. With Australian Rob Nguyen in fifth place and Stefan Haak as the best-placed German in sixth, the international character of the series showed once more. For Barth, things weren’’’’t perfect: he qualified seventh At the start of the race, Lechner took the lead from Caldonazzi and Nijenhuis. On the first lap, Nijenhuis overtook Caldonazzi, while Cloostermans was fourth. The Belgian was put under pressure by Nguyen. Stefan Haak and Sven Barth also closed up to the two combatants. Out in front, Lechner, Nijenhuis and Caldonazzi were able to pull clear. On the fourth lap, Nguyen made a slight mistake, from which Haak and Barth immediately benefited. The Australian dropped back to seventh place Second-placed Nijenhuis had a lot of work keeping Caldonazzi behind him, but initially was able to defend his position. Halfway through the race, positions remained the same: Lechner was leading from Nijenhuis, Caldonazzi, Cloostermans and Haak. Cloostermans and his rivals soon closed up to Nijenhuis and Caldonazzi. After a slight excursion on lap 12,  Cloostermans had to let Nguyen through. Shortly after, he spun off the track together with Barth and that put an end to the title hopes of both drivers Lechner drove home his second victory of the season and thus secured the inaugural title in the Formula Volkswagen supported by Sachs. ““““An incredible feeling””””, beamed the 20-year old, who adds another chapter to a nice family tradition: back in 1982, his father Walter Lechner was the last European champion in Formula Super Vee. Nijenhuis came second after a hard fight in the closing stages from Nguyen, Unland, Gratl and Caldonazzi.
Result 9th round, Oschersleben, October 14, 2001 (19 laps)
1. Walter Lechner jr.  (Austria)         in 27.43.181 min.
2. Elran Nijenhuis  (Netherlands)  16.110 behind
3. Rob Nguyen   (Australia)  16.968
4. Jarno Unland   (Emsbüren/D)  17.869
5. Christian Gratl   (Italy)   18.132
6. Marc Caldonazzi  (Italy)   20.024
7. Florian Stoll   (Rickenbach/D) 20.303
8. Bastian Kolmsee  (Wiehl/D)  20.689
9. Sebastian Zschirpe  (Leonbronn/D) 21.493
10. Kim Hermans   (Belgium)  22.558
11. Marko Nevalainen  (Finland)  24.815
12. Peter Heinrichsberger (Bad Endorf/D) 30.114
13. Michael Zottler  (Austria)  33.351
14. Philip Cloostermans  (Belgium)  37.708
15. Sven Barth   (Gorxheimertal/D) 38.303
16. Patric Rauscher  (Ottstedt am Berge/D)40.605
17. Stefan Haak   (Berlin/D)  two laps

Not classified:
Hubert Stromberger  (Austria)

Fastest lap:  Walter Lechner jr. in 1.26.545 min. (152,536 km/h)

Points standings:
1. Walter Lechner jr.  179
2. Philip Cloostermans  155
3.  Sven Barth   148
4. Elran Nijenhuis  131
5. Rob Nguyen   118
6. Florian Stoll   110


Added by: Date : 14/10/2001 00:00:00