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FVW Lausitzring 27/38 Sept

Points leader Jaap van Lagen had a big crash in the first trace of the Formula Volkswagen supported by ZF Sachs at the EuroSpeedway and therefore couldn’t take part in the second race. Hannes Lachinger made the best of the situation and kept the title race open with two wins.

Qualifying race 1: Like so often this season, Jaap van Lagen occupied pole position. He lapped thr 4.534 kilometres long Grand Prix-track of the Lausitzring in 1.44.966 minutes. Hannes Lachinger qualified in second place, 0.237 seconds down. Florian Stoll claimed third position.

Qualifying race 2: The same situation on the first grid row: on the starting grid on Sunday, first and second positions were also taken by Jaap van Lagen and Hannes Lachinger. This time, the difference was less: with his fastest time of 1.44.407 minutes, van Lagen was only 0.087 seconds faster than his Austrian opponent. Marvin Bylitza qualified third.

Race 1: Van Lagen won the sprint at the start from Lachinger and Raach. The driver from Luxemburg then took second place from Lachinger under braking for the first corner. But his joy didn’t last long: still on the first lap, he lost two places and the front wing of his car in the heat of the fight. Markus Steinel made up into third place. Fabian Brameier also had a strong run, but then he lost his fourth place after a spin on lap five. This made him drop back to eleventh place. On lap six, van Lagen came in for a stop and go penalty, that had been given because the mechanics of his teamhad still been working on his car three minutes before the start of the race, which is prohibited by the regulations. After his stop, van Lagen only came back in 13th place. Van Lagen pushed too hard while trying to catch up: in a fight for eighth place, he ran into the back of Steffi Halm’s car. After the collision, in which both cars were seriously damaged, the clerk of the course decided to stop the race. The order on the previous lap was considered as the result of the race. Thus, Lachinger won from Steinel and Wechselberger.

Race 2: Because his car had been too badly damaged in the accident on Saturday, Jaap van Lagen couldn’t start in the race on Sunday. Lachinger took the lead at the start. A massive crash on the first corner: Markus Steinel and Marvin Bylitza collided, Bastian Kolmsee, Tengyi Jiang, Jan Seyffarth and Steffi Halm spun off thetrack in the subsequent turmoil. Once again, the race was stopped. At the re-start, Jiang, Seyffarth and Bylitza were missing. Lachinger took the lead from Stoll and Raach. On lap one, Markus Steinel claimed first place. One lap later, rain set in and numerous drivers spun off the track. After another lap, the safety car was deployed. Lachinger led from Stoll and Wechselberger, Kenneth Chan was a sensational fourth. Some drivers came in for a tyre change. Stoll stayed out with slicks and led from Wechselberger and Chan, but eventually, rain tyres proved to be the right choice. Thus, Lachinger won from Seyffarth and Steinel.

Result 11th round, EuroSpeedway Lausitz, 27.09.2003 (10 laps)
1. Hannes Lachinger (Austria) in 17:47.65 min.
2. Marcus Steinel (Ammerbuch/D) 2.867 down
3. Ronny Wechselberger (Altlandsberg/D) 8.693
4. Bastian Kolmsee (Wiehl/D) 10.117
5. Marvin Bylitza (Marl/D) 10.603
6. Jan Seyffarth (Leimbach/D) 11.446
7. Stephanie Halm (Ammerbuch/D) 16.249
8. Marcel Leipert (Wegberg/D) 16.332
9. Jaap van Lagen (The Netherlands) 16.609
10. Gina-Maria Adenauer (Hamm/D) 19.397

Fastest lap: Jaap van Lagen in 1:45.065 min = 155.355 km/h
Result 12th round, EuroSpeedway, 28.09.2003 (8 laps)
1. Hannes Lachinger (Österreich) in 20.31.759 min.
2. Jan Seyffarth (Leimbach) 1.203 down
3. Marcus Steinel (Ammerbuch) 5.055
4. Fabian Brameier (Drensteinfurt) 7.948
5. Florian Stoll (Rickenbach) 12.804
6. Jochen Nerpel (Waibstadt) 13.249
7. Marcel Leipert (Wegberg) 18.760
8. Stephanie Halm (Ammerbuch) 20.537
9. Gina-Maria Adenauer (Hamm) 20.884
10. Fredy Barth (Schweiz) 26.776

Fastest lap: Hannes Lachinger in 2.07.963 = 127.556 km/h
Points standings:
1. Jaap van Lagen 296 points
2. Hannes Lachinger 243
3. Bastian Kolmsee 184
4. Marcus Steinel 178
5. Florian Stoll 148

Added by: Date : 27/09/2003 00:00:00